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The sheer shade blinds are alternately composed of opaque fabric bands and transparent veils that can be superimposed to choose the desired degree of privacy and light.


Sheer shade Blinds for any room.

Various fabric opacity are available. Light filtering or darkening fabric, we have the right one who can fit your livingroom, bedroom, kitchen...



For your comfort, our sheer shade blinds can be motorized and control remotely at the touch of a button. Daily automate task can be also program, for example: open at 8h AM, close at 6h PM.


Choose your installation type.


Height: Measure the height inside the window frame. Width: measure at three places above, center and bottom. Take the smallest measurement of the three. Note: To ensure that your blinds will be installed "flush" you need a minimum of 2''1 / 2 deep space requirements.




Height: Measure the height outside the high and low frames. Width: measure in three places: top, center and bottom of the top and bottom frames. Take the fullest extent of the three. A 0.5 inch overhang on each side of your measured dimensions will be added..

  • How to take measurements of the windows. - Inch measurements must be given with fractions if necessary or millimeters. Width X Height (Ex: 48''1 / 8 x 60'' 3/4)For an installation of the blind inside the window frame, do not adjust the measured dimension. We will arrange to make the necessary deductions for manufacturing. Important note: for a sheer shades blind, you should know that the fabric part is ± 1 '' 1/8 less wide as the full width given because of the mechanisms of each side.
  • If you are unsure how to measure, please call us. We will be happy to assist you and direct you in how to properly take the measurements of your blinds.
  • Installation service - We also offert installation service if you need.

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